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The CoachWise Essentials Programme™


 CoachWise Essentials Program™


In Brief ....

CoachWise Essentials™ is an active learning program that gives participants a practical experience of coaching and focuses on improving their coaching skills.

The CoachWise Essentials™ program is the first program in the Coaching Academy™ organized by Coaching Center.

The 2-day training program, together with 4 tele-workshops and Peer-to-Peer Coaching , provides 21 hrs of training which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).



Who is the CoachWise Essentials™ program for?

The program is intended for:

• Trainers, consultants, coaches
• HR specialist and managers
• Managers, directors responsible for management and development of teams
• Marketing, Sales  Specialists, Project Managers,  and others

Who are:

• interested in becoming a Coach or a Coaching Specialist
• plan to use coaching in an organization/a team
• interested in professional and personal development
• interested in coaching and willing to try it
• ready to be “clients” of coaching during the course


International quality and recognition

The Methodology used in the CoachWise™ programs comes from the extensive experience of the leading professional  coaches, trainers and consultants who form the CoachWise.org, an international alliance of coaching schools and coaching companies, whose aim is to participate in the development of coaching and its application in high profile organizations around the world.

The international accreditation awarded to the CoachWise™ programmes by The International Coach Federation (ICF) confirms their quality and professionalism. The accreditation is an assurance of the programme’s compliance with rigorous international standards, and makes it easier for the course participants to gain ICF accreditation,  which  recognized around the world.

Among the organizations actively using the CoachWise™ programs are, British Telecom,  Network Rail, WS Atkins, Royal Bank of Scotland, Civil Service UK, NHS (National Health Service) UK, DePuy  Orthopaedics (part of Johnson & Johnson) USA.

What do I get from the course?


The program enables participants to:

• experience and practice coaching
• understand the CoachWise ™ model
• use the CoachWise™ Map
• develop key skills
• use techniques and tools

During the course, participants will:

• develop their understanding of coaching and how it relates to other methods of supporting development
• understand how to build a relationship in which a client and a coach are equal partners
• develop skills in:

o active and confident questioning
o attentive listening and observation: facts, motives, beliefs, emotions
o sharing observations and thoughts
o supporting the client by using their own knowledge and experience

• understand the ethical standards set by the International Coach Federation



Who leads the Program?

Every Coachwise Essentials program is conducted by two trainers; at least one of them is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC). That means that the leaders are experienced practitioners with over 2500 hrs of coaching (Master Certified Coach) or 750 hrs of coaching (Professional Certified Coach).

Our course leaders are therefore able to share their practical experience of coaching in addition to  sharing the CoachWise theory and methodology.

The CoachWise Essentials program can be conducted either in English or Polish. The group is supported by two or three assistants.

The training is held in groups of between 12 to 21 people, providing the opportunity for participants to benefit from their personal experience working closely with the course leaders and other participants. This guarantees good group dynamics and a variety of experiences.

Tele-workshops are conducted by coaches who have at least ICF Professional Certified Coach credentials with the ICF and have more than 750 hours of coaching.


Dates and locations

Training location: Warsaw
Date: to establish

Tele-workshop dates will be given upon completion of the group.


Price and special offers

Gross price for participating in the CoachWise Essentials Program™ led in English is PLN 3, 600.

Special offer

 Special discounts for group application (starting from 2 persons):
- 2 persons applying - program price PLN 3, 400
- 3 persons applying - program price PLN 3 200 PLN
- 4 and more persons applying - the price of the program PLN 3, 100

Applying more than 21 days prior to the course makes you eligible for a 5% discount on the price on the program price.

Discounts can be combined.


The application can be found here

For more information please contact Coaching Center at (22) 898-31-08, e-mail: coaching@coachwise.org









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