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Coaching Skills for Leaders -
CoachWise Coaching Essentials™


Why Leaders need coaching skills? Coaching is one of the most effective methods of:  

    •    building commitment and empowering your teams
    •    developing communication skills based on organizational,  intergenerational and intercultural dialogue
    •    conscious development of personal and business leadership.

    If you want to learn practical coaching skills and tools that will further equip you as a Leader - take part in an intensive two-day workshop and join the team of 4000 CoachWise Alumni.

CoachWise Coaching Essentials™ constitutes a part of the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). ACTP means that the program fulfills the most demanding requirements for coach education and the final practical examination spanning the entire program is recognized by the International Coach Federation. ™.
CoachWise Coaching Essentials™  is a reliable introduction to coaching based on a tested methodology improving coaching skills and approach. It enables you to apply coaching in your Leadership role and gives you a thorough foundation needed in establishing a coaching practice.

CoachWise™ Methodology

CoachWise™ methodology is a method designed for business that supports achieving goals through balanced discovery and using personal and organizational resources. It covers knowledge on leading individual and group coaching programs and systemic coaching implementation in organizations through integrating it with business processes.
The quality and professionalism of educational programs based on the CoachWise™ methodology have been proved by the International Coach Federation accreditation.

Who is the program aimed at?

The program is aimed at:

  • managers, leaders, Project Managers who want to use coaching in their roles in order to enhance communication skills
  • PR, HR, process managers and specialists who want to develop influencing people through open dialogue.

Participation Outcomes


  • Gets to know and understand coaching as a personal development method
  • Experiences what it is to be both a client and a coach
  • Experiences permanent growth of questioning, listening and supporting skills
  • Develops a coaching approach that makes it easy to get to the interlocutor/employee/business partner
  • Is able to consciously lead coaching sessions with the use of the CoachWise™ Steps


Why participating in the program?

  • After the training we actively support you in implementing your skills in everyday work
  • Programs are led by experienced practitioners with a minimum of 250 business coaching hours
  • The graduates of the program have a chance to continue their development during follow-up trainings
  • The quality of the Coachwise™ programs has been verified by and corroborated by the International Coach Federation on the highest ACTP level

CoachWise Essentials™ is a perfect introduction to the world of coaching that makes you verify over the beaten paths of thinking and action. At the same time, practical exercises, which the majority of the program is based on, give you an immediate experience of these changes. Once you taste the power of coaching it is difficult not to move forward and not to attend CoachWise Equipped™…
Joanna Kaczmarska, HR Plant Manager, Levi Strauss Poland



Program Completion and CoachWise™ Certificates
CoachWise Coaching Essentials™ Certificate is a proof that you have participated in 19 hours of  International Coach Federation approved training. Holding this certificate enables you to attend CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ training and other trainings based on the CoachWise™ methodology.

Duration: 2 training days and 2 telephone workshops
Program Dates:  25-26.03.2019
Trainers: Joanna Baranowska
Venue: Warsaw - CoachWise, Czeczota 31 Street
The price: 3200 PLN net

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