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CoachWise Coaching Equipped™

Comprehensive equipment to lead professional coaching processes according to CoachWise™ methodology accredited by the International Coach Federation

The 5-month program consists of: 7,5 days of training classes, 3 types of telephone classes (14 hours), Buddy Study, 2 supervision sessions with an experienced coach and exam  – in total up to 72 of ICF accredited hours.

Who is the CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ aimed at?

The program is aimed at those who:

  • Have decided to pursue coach or coaching specialist career
  • Are planning to use coaching in organization/ team
  • Are ready to be „clients” during the training
  • Are interested in professional and personal development

The most common training participants are:

  • Trainers, consultants, coaches
  • HR specialists and generalists
  • Managers, directors responsible for managing and developing teams


Participation Outcomes

The training program gives:

  • Real, intensive and practical coaching experience
  • Dexterity in using the CoachWise™ Model and CoachWise™ Steps
  • A tangible increase in the key coaching skills
  • Fluency and ease in using techniques and tools


During the training participants develop the key CoachWise™ skills:

  • Understanding what coaching is and what it is not (compared with other supporting professions)
  • Building relation in which both the coach and client are equal partners
  • Active and powerful questioning
  • Attentive listening and observation of facts, motives, beliefs, emotions
  • Sharing observations and reflections
  • Supporting clients by using their resources, knowledge and experiences
  • Knowledge about the ICF ethical guidelines.


CoachWise™ International Quality and Recognition

The CoachWise™ methodology and programs are the result of the work and experience of coaches, trainers and consultants working in CoachWise.Org™ - an international alliance of coaching schools and coaching companies whose aim is to actively participate in developing coaching and its application in organizations all over the world.

CoachWise™ programs have been completed by the consultants and employees of the following companies: Amplico Life S.A., Aplikom Sp. z o.o., Aviva Sp. z o.o., Avon Cosmetics Polska, Amrest Sp. z o.o., Axel Springer Polska, BRE Bank, Bayer Sp. z o.o., BP Polska, BLStream Sp. z o.o.; Boehringer Ingelheim Sp. o.o., BPH, BZ WBK, CitiCorp., Carlsberg, Coca Cola HBC Polska, Deloitte Polska, DOVISTA Polska Sp. z o.o.; Ernst & Young Polska, Generali, GSK Commercial Sp. z o.o., Henkel Polska Sp. z o.o., Hochland Polska Sp. z o.o., Grupa ING , JTI Polska Sp. z o.o., Kredyt Bank, Kompania Piwowarska S.A., Kraft Foods Polska S.A., Mondial Assistance Sp. z o.o.; 3M Poland Sp. z o.o, Netia S.A., Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna , PKO SA, P4, Provident Polska, Raben Group, Raiffeisen Bank Polska, RWE Polska S.A., Siemens Polska, Sandoz Polska Sp. z o.o., Sofrecom Polska Sp. z o.o, Tieto Poland Sp. z o.o, TNT Express, Wincanton Polska.

Comprehensiveness of the CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ program

The CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ program consists of:

Three in-person training classes:

  • Vision coaching, working with values; creating partnership - 2,5 days
  • Client’s systems and structures; working with limiting beliefs; Emotional Intelligence; Intervision - 2,5 days
  • Coaching as a change process; coaching in a difficult situation; identity coaching; coach leadership; Intervision – 2,5 days

Training sessions are organized around every 5 weeks. In between, participants have telephone classes.

Telephone classes:

Learning Labs – moderated group telephone classes focusing on one of the “powerful questions” – a form of group coaching around one question – 1 hour class – up to 6 hours in total

Coaching Pub – moderated group telephone classes, during which participants bring their own topics, use moderator’s and their own experience and knowledge - 1 hour class – up to 4 hours in total

Live Coaching Series – telephone classes during which participants witness the entire coaching program of the same client and take advantage from hearing the leading coach explaining the process, tools and techniques. Under these series there are two types of meetings:

  •  2 classes whose main goal is to give the participants the experience of coaching as a complete process, not separate sessions. The series consist of 4 observed coaching sessions of the same coach and same client every 2-3 weeks. Participants individually listen to a 30-minute-long recorded coaching sessions and then participate in a telephone class where the session is discussed in details - 1,5 hour class - up to 4 hours (including 1 hour of individual listening to recorded sessions)


Buddy Study

Work in pairs with a person from the program (Peer-to-Peer Coaching) - 1 hour - up to 4 hours in total


Supervision/ Metor Coaching - 2 cycles

Observed coaching sessions take place during a telephone meeting of a coach, a client and an experienced coach-supervisor. The coach runs a 30-minute-long session and afterwards receives a comprehensive feedback from the coach-supervisor and evaluation of his/her skills on a special evaluation form. The full session with feedback lasts up to 1.5 hours.

Exam Coaching CoachWise EquippedTM / Individual Mentor Coaching

Exam at the end of the program CoachWise Coaching Equipped ™ consists of a written and oral.
The duration of the oral examination : 1h.


Leaders of the CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ Program

All program units are led by the ICF credentialed coaches.
Training programs, telephone classes and observed coaching sessions are led by coaches holding the ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentials. This means that the leaders are experienced coaches with a lot of practice and have led 2,500 hours of coaching (Master Certified Coach) or 750 hours of coaching (Professional Certified Coach).
Program groups consist of 12 to 18 participants. The group size gives you opportunity to gain experiences through close relations with leaders and co-participants and enables great dynamics and diversity.


Teaching and Development Methods Used

Taking into consideration participants’ different learning styles during trainings we take advantage of different teaching methods:

  • Coaching/model/skills demonstrations by an experienced coach
  • Observed coaching sessions
  • Doing coaching session in pairs and groups of three
  • Demonstrations using DVDs
  • Moderated discussions
  • Exercises/ workshops also telephone classes
  • Short presentations – presenting ways of thinking, theories, perspectives, tools



Dates of CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ Programs

Updated dates of training session are available at our webpage www.coachingcenter.pl in the Calendar section.
Telephone classes and observed coaching session dates are given once the training group is formed.



The price for the entire CoachWise Coaching Equipped™ program is:

  • in case of one-off payment: net PLN 11,500 PLN (gross PLN 14,145),
  • in case of payment in installments: net PLN 3 x 4000.

For gross value please add 23% VAT to the above-mentioned prices.
Applying more than 21 days prior the training, makes you eligible for a 5% discount. Discounts can be combined.











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